A Great Alternative to Liposuction and Neck-Lift May be Available for the Frustrating Double Chin

The ever-famous and ever-frustrating double chin. It seems to never go away. No matter how many times it is battled and how many victories a woman finds against it, the nefarious foe of the double chin continues to exist. There are ways to tackle this dilemma without exhausting tons of hours and money into getting it gone for good. Some of these options have been explored for a while now, and seem to clutter the discussion. They all have problems. But, there is another option that is not explored often enough, yet it deserves to be.

The Main Options

What do women have at their disposal to tackle double chins? They have two main options. These are liposuction and neck-lift. A Neck-lift is a skin life which is dissimilar to Botox. If Botox is an injection that adds additional contents to the face to make it seem fuller, a neck-lift is a skin pinch. It is the least invasive option available for many women. But, it is also not always forever. A neck-lift is a surgical procedure, but it may not last as long as one would hope a surgical procedure would. Liposuction is another option available to women, but it has its fault. It is a surgical option, which immediately causes some concern. It is also a little pricey and may require a bit of a time and cost commitment that can’t always be justified.


Kybella is a recently approved method for treatment. It is non-surgical. This already makes it an attractive alternative to a problem that often required a surgical strategy. Medication is injected into the chin. What follows is a steady process that actually diminishes the fat safely. The medication will eat away at the fat over a period of time. This allows the loss of the double chin to appear natural. No incision is needed, so women should not be concerned about a cut in their face.

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