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Kinds Of Nail Shapes

Ladies have different kinds of finger nails. Nails may be of three modes that is short, medium and also long. Ladies need not worry about their nails anymore as they only need to visit a salon to have a manicure on their nails. You may decide to visit a salon to have your nails attended to bit if you are skilled you can always do your nails on your own.

Things have been made simple in the current world as ladies need not be keen on their nails too much, they can pay a salon to have their nails done. Certain issues have to be taken into account before a particular kind of shape is done on your nails and this will be dependent or contingent to the type of nails you possess whether they are short, long or the medium size.

You do not need to visit a salon to do your nails as that activity can be done at your comfort. Some of the aspects that you are obliged to be keen on as we have said is the shape of your finger, the width of your nails and also how long they are. There are also the varieties of nail polishes that work to perfection with the different kinds of nail shapes as we shall see later.

There are a couple of nail shapes such as the oval which can be done on people with long nails, almond, square, coffin, round and also squoval. This type of nail shape may not work well for those ladies who have short nails but for those with slim nails it creates a very attractive look amd for that reason most ladies find it working for them as it looks elegant for those with slim nails.

The next type of nail shape is known as the round shaped and as the name suggests and it works well for those ladies with shorter nails. The next type of nail shape is known as the square shape and it also works well for those ladies with short nails. The square shape type is usually appealing to those ladies with short nails and can also work well for long nails.

It is considered one of the best modes of nails shape that works perfectly for those ladies with long nails. It is considered and loved by most women and also it does not break easily of your nails are hard.

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