Health Related Issues That Can Be Corrected With Breast Augmentation

One of the areas that most women are self-conscious about is their breasts, and the range of complaints they have is extremely varied. The introduction of plastic surgery allows women of all walks of life to tackle those issues and improve their self-esteem and overall appearance. Many women choose to have breast augmentation surgery to fix other health related issues, as not all who undergo reconstruction are doing it simply for aesthetic purposes. Here are just a few of the many health conditions that can be corrected during a breast augmentation procedure.

Shoulder and Back Strain

Women who have larger breasts often complain of pain in their back and shoulders. Even with the proper support, the excess weight pulling on the front of the body can cause the muscles of the back and shoulders to have to compensate. This can lead to chronic pain and pulled muscles during times of physical activity. A plastic surgeon can reduce the size of the breasts, which will alleviate the weight and provide relief to the back and shoulder areas.

Mastectomy Repair

Many patients who undergo a medical procedure that requires removal of one or both breasts are left feeling incomplete. Some choose to use plastic inserts to give the appearance of natural breasts, but the psychological turmoil can be detrimental to many. A doctor that specializes in augmentation can rebuild the breast tissue and help restore the confidence of those who are forced into a mastectomy due to a health related issue.

Weight Loss Issues

One of the biggest complaints most women with large breasts have is that they are not able to engage in physical activity. Sports bras are an option for many, but some women do not receive the proper support to prevent movement, and this can make activities such as jogging and running unbearable. By reducing the size of the breasts, many women find they can be more active and can achieve their weight loss goals.

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