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Anxiety Training in Children Anxiety are the tools we use to express our feelings. It is normal to have fear when caught up in a life threatening situation. A number of actions that we take are controlled by our anxiety. People go through less severe situations on a daily basis. These situations are responsible for making us aware of our feelings and the effect the situation will have in our lives. Many people find difficulty in expressing their feelings due to lack of emotion awareness. Emotional vocabularies help us to describe our feelings much better. Most toddlers tend to throw tantrums more often. Parenting a toddler is full of very many challenges but it is also one of the most exciting experiences a mum or a dad can ever have. Children tend to talk more when they reach the toddlers’ stage. Anxiety and emotional experience are unavoidable factors that one must go through before landing into adult hood. Many a time when children act without thinking, we tend to conclude that they are having poor judgment. Many children who cat without thinking are normally driven by their anxiety. Children who don’t understand their anxiety are likely to behave strangely. Emotional guidance is an important factor that parents should consider. Children who are well trained in matters anxiety have less emotional related problems. Teaching by example would help your child understand anxiety much better. Incidental learning is the best when training your child on anxiety.
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Knowing that anxiety is a natural thing is important. True anxiety should be felt and expressed in words. It is important for children to identify how they are feeling. A child should be trained enough to be able to name their feelings. Children will be able to name their feelings when they hear their parents name them. For your child not to feel intimidated, you should try and name their feelings as often as possible.
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It is important for parents to teach their children how to control anxiety. When a child is able to articulate anxiety, he or she will definitely be able to manage them. Children have too much language in their minds even if they still do not know how to express them. It is the responsibility of a parent to train a child how to speak out in the best language. Being able to respect other people’s feelings is an important part of anxiety training.

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