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Campfire Recipes Other than Smores and Hotdogs

Gathering around the campfire and cooking campfire recipes is one of the highlights in every camping trip. When preparing your campfire recipes, it is always best to keep it simple, especially if you are preparing it for your kids. The simpler the recipe is, the better.

Simple campfire recipe food is not all about smores and hotdogs as you can also whisk other simple recipes. There are other campfire recipes that you can try and your kids would likely enjoy. Campfire recipes have to cater to all kids, even those who are very picky with their food.

Using a thin layer of dough, you can transform the traditional hotdog on a stick into a corndog campfire recipe. You may use a pre-made biscuit dough and carefully wrap the hotdog with it. The dough has to be thin enough so it can easily cook on the fire and not feel pasty. Just like a hotdog on a stick, this corndog recipe can be cooked over the campfire until it’s golden brown. With mustard or ketchup, you already have your perfect camping food.
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Meatballs are one of the food items that even picky eaters would love to consume. You can always bring meatballs during camping and still create campfire food that’s easy to prepare. To ensure that your kids won’t be having a difficult time cooking their food and end up with indigestion, you can pre-cook the meatballs at home. What you will do is just wrap the balls in foil so they can then reheat it using the coals of the campfire. Adding slices of carrots and potatoes would give their meatball a healthier twist and a richer taste.
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Eggs are not only for breakfast. Eggs can also make another campfire recipe and you can have your scrambled eggs during your camping trip. Using a Ziploc bag, you can create scramble eggs by dumping all the ingredients inside the bag after you have oiled the inside of the container. The bag can then be cooked in a pot of boiling water over the fire until the contents are well cooked and the egg has hardened just like the way your kids enjoy their scrambled eggs.

There are other food items that can make a great campfire recipe. Your creativity is the only thing that would limit you from preparing a different kind of food. It would be nice if you can prepare campfire recipes that even a picky eater would enjoy so they can enjoy the entire camping trip with the rest. It would also be beneficial to those kids that when they prepare the campfire recipe that they won’t have to follow a lot of steps and prepare a lot of things. Campfire recipes are intended to be instant food that doesn’t require a lot of cooking.