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The Advantages of Weight- Loss Surgery

In Mexico, weight loss surgery is one of the most effective and safest methods that the Mexicans have adapted after they noted that losing weight by other means such as exercising and following a strict diet did not work for them. In fact, according to studies, 95% of individuals who lose weight through exercise and diet alone are more likely to regain back their weight within five years. On the other hand, weight loss through surgical procedures like lap-band will guarantee an individual maintains a weight loss of between 50-70% of their extra body weight in the long run. Although several aspects determine if an individual is going to lose weight or not, in Mexico, weight loss surgery is considered to be a lasting and secure solution for overweight individuals.

Studies reveal that patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery will lose their excess weight within the first 12 months as compared to patients who undergo lap-band surgery. Conversely, individuals who go through gastric bypass surgery, are exposed to high risks as opposed to those who go through lap-band surgery as its weight loss happens slowly.

Physicians consider weight loss surgery to be effective if a patient can lose half the total weight they weigh and still maintain the same weight in the next five years or so. Even if weight loss surgery requires patients to observe a strict healthy lifestyle, weight-loss surgery has proven to be effective even after ten years of going through the operation as an individual can maintain their 50% to 60% weight loss.

It is worth noting that losing weight at a rate of 10% of the total body weight you weighed means that some overweight-related health disorders brought about by diseases such as diabetes, asthma or gastric reflux will be reduced.

Besides experiencing body changes, weight-loss surgery enables a person to enjoy other health benefits that come after losing weight.Weight loss surgery rectifies some of the health disorders that were brought about by obesity. For example, after an overweight loses weight, he or she can be able to do simple things such as tying their shoelaces or crossing their legs as well as sitting in an airplane seat comfortably.

Weight loss surgery will require you to get away from your regular tasks, and it is, for this reason, you bring family and relatives on board for them to assist you in any way they can.

In conclusion, weight loss surgery is expensive, but compared to the side effects that overweight brings, weight loss surgery, therefore, becomes a cheaper option for you.

The Best Advice on Weight I’ve found

The Best Advice on Weight I’ve found