Top 5 Health Insurance Providers in the United States

Being healthy is one important goal that everyone strives for. A healthy body will sustain us when we are old and can’t do much for ourselves.

Health, some say, is wealth because when you fall sick less often or not all, you save money that could be used to get medications, treatments or surgeries at the hospital. Few people know this. Instead of looking up ways of keeping healthy and sticking to these ways, they engage in actions and behaviors that can affect their health seriously. Look at Collected.Reviews for reviews of health companies.

Health Insurance is another way that people protect their health after ensuring they eat, drink and exercise well. This insurance is what they rely on in the event of a medical condition especially, an emergency. Medical insurance covers a lot of medical situations depending on what type you want to do. Top health insurance companies carry out an extensive and informative sensitization process that allows their customers or potential customers to understand the many types of insurances and what each entails.

Let’s look at the top 5 insurance companies that offer quality health insurance covers in the United States:

1. United Healthcare

Core strengths include clinical expertise, data and health information and advanced technology. They own 14.7{2ec4de1a0522c4fc743421208c7bfe04a343bf3a8256f916fc990448fab681fe} market share, cater to 70 million Americans across 16 states and you can find just about any health plan with them. Their website is easy and quick to use and plans are affordable. Problems include long wait times and no coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

2. Aetna

Offering different varieties of insurance plans compatible with Health Savings Accounts at low costs. They have nationwide coverage and drawbacks include having fewer short-term policies and their website is not easy to use.

3. BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Found in all the states in the US in over 150 countries worldwide. More than a hundred million Americans have insurance plans with them choosing from many policy options and there is always a plan for whatever coverage one wants. Problems include variations in cost, quality of service and policy according to state and region, customer service can be stressful to access because of the large automation process the company relies on, and many complaints of claim denials.

4. Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)

This company is the largest consumer-owned health insurance company in the US. They service 15 million members across five states, have competitive rates because of their many HMO options and have several online tools and wellness programs to meet the needs of customers. Issues with HCSC include limited availability and coverage.

5. Kaiser Permanente

They cover only eight states and have a strong customer service platform. With numerous HSA options, their own medical centers, a wide variety of plans and a good mobile app, they are one of the best. Their limited availability is just the problem.

Each of these companies provides different insurance services and options based on different customer’s needs. No two companies will have the same package for the same customer.