7 Cups of tea reviewed – Seeking assistance for your mental health

You might not be aware of the fact but 7 Cups of Tea is the most popular e-counseling platform till now in terms of real numbers. You’ll rather be surprised to know that there is a staggering 6 million customers who have been assisted by different mental health counselors. Within an industry where there are bigger names, how do you think 7 Cups of Tea became so famous? Do you think their service is much better than the others on the platform? Do the therapists of 7 Cups of Tea have any secret technique which the online therapists don’t?
While this website has become well-known, there are still several people who aren’t aware of this company and who even don’t know the meaning of this interesting experience. Here are few ways in which you can get involved with this company. Take into account the 7 Cups of Tea analysis.
 Take the Listener Oath: Commit to assisting others who are also on board with 7 Cups.
 Training: There are presently 45 interactive training courses and such courses include trainings like Active Listening, Boundaries, Work Related Stress, Sleeping Well, Self-Harm and different courses
 Start taking 1-1 chats: Such chats are done with people who come to the site looking for emotional support. The listeners aren’t allowed to advice but they can use their listening skills to validate their concerns.
 Guided discussion: Guided discussions are held on different topics like empathy, stress, anxiety, depression and other icebreaking discussions which are designed to help the listeners.
 Welcoming Committee: There is also a welcoming committee for the listeners and there is another one for the members. These are the teams which stay in touch with the new listeners and members in order to offer a warm welcome to 7 Cups of Tea and ensure they’re plugged with resources.
 Appreciation Committee: Such a team works to recognize other listeners and the accomplishments. They highlight things like badges earned, positive reviews and other involvement within the community.
 Social Soldiers Team: The team spreads the word about 7 Cups of tea where they handle the social media which is related to the account of 7 cups of tea.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can seek help of counseling, you should consider the 7 Cups of Tea which can help you deal with all your mental health issues.