Healthy Snacking? Why Not ?

Snacking is like a ‘disease’ that is often experienced by many people. Often a person feels full but still wants to eat many things like ice cream, chocolate or biscuits. A snack that contains high carbohydrates and fats can have adverse effects such as obesity and increase the risk of chronic disease. The growing use of harmful chemicals in food snacks, such as dyes, flavoring to preservatives we need to be wary because most of our society does not know the type a snack that is good for health, so as to answer the needs of people. So that to pay more attention to health, currently many manufactured types of snacks are self-proclaimed as healthy snacks. Therefore, we must be really smart in choosing a healthy snacks variant.

Choose Good Snacks For Our Health

Here are some examples of good snacks for our health :

1. Cereals

Cereal with wheat content provides many health benefits, complex carbohydrates in cereals will provide fiber to gradually convert sugar.

2. Jelly

Low-calorie jelly can help maintain ideal body weight and helps reduce bad cholesterol. jelly also helps reduce stress and reduce signs of mild depression in women.

3. Grains

Popcorn is one of the snacks from the grain. Contains complex carbohydrates, can withstand hunger at night, these snacks are low in fat.

4. Nuts

The content of fiber and vitamins is very good to support health. In addition to helping to lose weight, nuts are good for heart health.

5. Turkey meat

Turkey meat contains protein and amino acids that are not only beneficial to meet your daily protein needs, but also to boost your immune system against various diseases and viruses.

6. Vegetables

Source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are very good for the body and human health.

7. Fruits

Fruit can be the most important part for the health of our body. Various benefits of fruit for the body such as antibody and become the most important source of the vitamin needed by the human body. Fruit becomes one of the healthy food that is needed to make our body become healthy and fit both when young and old age

.8. Milk

Contains excellent calcium for bone and contains a very high protein that is good for building muscle to be stronger and healthier.

9. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate efficacious increases blood flow and keep the blood vessels healthy.


Well, after we know a variety of healthy snacks for us. Then no more worries word for snacking.