How to Pokemon GO and Hack for iPhone/iOS/Android

In Pokemon Go, you have to walk around and find the Pokemon GO ios hack that is not shown unless you physically walk near them, or spoof your location to trick the game that you are there.

Just in case if you Needed to Understand all of the Pokemon, PokeStops, And Gyms which are close to you, there are a number of ways that you can accomplish this by installing a program named GoGo Maps in your iPhone or even iPad.

This program shows you All of the Pokemon, Pokestops, and Trainers which can be Close to you and then you can simply move there in the actual match and grab them easily.

GoGo Maps is not officially available worldwide so you Need to manually install it in 3rd part resource. Below is the link to Hipstore webpage to get GoGo maps.

There is another alternative to this GoGo Maps


How to Play Pokemon Go in Landscape mode on iPhone without jailbreak

Okay so you might be thinking, why am I adding this thing here? Isn’t this post ask about PokeGO++ without Jailbreak? Well basically if you play Pokemon Go in landscape mode on your iPhone, you will actually enjoy it more and it is even easier to catch Pokemon.

Just to let you guys know that this is obviously a bug and it will get patched in the future.

  1. First of all, make sure that you have the orientation lock turned off. So go ahead and unlock orientation if it is locked.
  2. Now rotate your iPhone in Landscape mode and open Pokemon Go. For this truck to work, you will need to keep your iPhone in landscape mode or it won’t work.
  3. Now you will see that Pokemon Go is running in Portrait mode, that’s fine. Now you have to open settings of Pokemon Go. If you don’t know how just tap on the Pokeball and then hit settings option.
  4. Now tap on “Report High-priority issue”. This will open Safari and you will notice that Safari is in Landscape mode. That is because you had your phone in landscape mode all the time.
  5. Now just hit the home button and Again open Pokemon Go. This time, you will notice that Pokemon go is in landscape mode.
  6. How this helps in catching Pokemon? Well if you tap on a Pokemon in the map, you will notice that the Pokemon comes right under the Pokeball. Which means you can literally drop the ball on top of Pokemon and it will hit that puppy easily.