Marijuana Proves Effective in Reducing Pain in Cancer Patients

Research at Edinburgh University asked 177 cancer patients to use the marijuana-based spray, in the same way as mouth fresheners.

From the results of this study found that this method can reduce pain in cancer patients in the Edinburgh area by up to 30{df1ae2acef039adcfceedc18962a7095863b2dd41bd8a8a1dd090abfa6ad2ed0}. The way it works is by activating molecules in the body (known as cannabinoid receptors) that can stop sending pain signals to the brain. You also have to visit Canada drugs for similar information.

This spray was developed so as not to disturb the mental condition of the patient, which is caused by the use of ordinary marijuana.

The findings, published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, do not justify smoking marijuana, because smoking cannabis can actually increase the risk of cancer. You can also consult with the Canadian pharmacy for good and safe use of marijuana medicine.

The marijuana extract spray called the Sativex has been prescribed as a pain reliever for multiple sclerosis patients. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that attacks the central nervous system caused by damage to the myelin (a protective covering surrounding nerve fiber in the central nervous system). When myelin is damaged, it will interfere with the delivery of messages between the brain and other body parts.

“These preliminary results are very promising and show that marijuana-based drugs can be an effective treatment for patients with chronic pain,” explained researcher Professor Marie Fallon, as quoted from Daily Mail.

“Prescribing this drug is very useful in fighting chronic pain. But, users must be able to distinguish medical goals from self-entertaining goals alone” Fallon added.

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