We Need to Know How to Install the Right Tie

For everyone, especially for those who work in the office, a tie is a very priority. This is because for some of the companies do require to use clothes neat and tie. However, it does not mean that you who don’t have a job can’t use a tie. You can still look more trendy by combining a tie with a shirt that you have. This is because a tie is a useful accessory to complement your clothing style on various occasions, whether for school children, office employees or other jobs. In addition, using a tie is also included in the category of male fashion tips that are currently being a trend especially among men.¬†For that, we need to know how to install the right tie. Want to know the full info? Well just take note of the following reviews that will discuss men’s fashion tips using a tie. The explanation is as follows:

Use of Dominant Ties

For those of you who want to look different from using a tie, it is important to pay attention to men’s fashion tips this time. When you want to use a dominant color tie or one color. Then it is very good if it can be combined with the color of a patterned shirt. For example, a shirt with a dominant plaid pattern in light blue. Then the tie you must choose is a color that matches the light blue color. If you are still in doubt, you can try to blend directly in front of the glass with various colors and tie models.

Use Tie Boxes

For a second explanation, this is contrary to the first. If you want to use a tie with a checkerboard or something else. So try shirts that you use a plain color and in accordance with the dominant color of the tie. In addition, the tie motif is not too flashy compared to the shirt color. So that way your appearance will look more interesting.

Mix of Different Motives

Male fashion tips using the next tie is to combine ties and shirts that have a different motif. This may be rarely done by everyone, but it really does not matter if the mix is right. Choose a shirt has a smaller motive, then mix with a tie that has a larger motive. In this case, it is better to use more masculine colors such as black, gray, or white.